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Free Innovation Manager On-line Training

Jeffrey Baumgartner broadcast liveI am in the process of completing a short, free on-line training course for innovation managers. It will teach you how to get more relevant and innovative ideas, how to ensure lots of those ideas are implemented and how to measure the performance of your innovation initiative. The course consists of text, short videos and a worksheet, so you can do it at your own pace. You can also contact me any time if you have questions or want feedback. It should be complete by mid-April. If you would like to receive an invitation email when the course is ready for you, please fill in the contact form.

"Your perspectives are very enlightening... In an ocean of not-so-useful info about innovation, you manage to get the perls on a regular basis." - Ericcson

Conventional Innovation Consultant vs Me

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Think about it for a moment. If you want someone to help you and your team devise and realise more innovative ideas, should you look to someone with a business background similar to your own or should you look to someone with a more diverse, international experience? Do you want the status quo or the eccentric? If you appreciate that it takes a real outsider to bring fresh thinking to your organisation, get in touch! If you prefer the status quo, don't worry there are lots of very conventional innovation consultants hungry for your business.

"I just got my first copy of your newsletter. Wow! It's wonderful! Very good advice, very helpful. Thank you! One of the few newsletters I get that is worth reading and actually useful, thoughtful and inspired. Thank you!" BB (Publisher)


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Keynotes and Workshops

My workshops and keynotes are guaranteed to be entertaining, informative and teach you and your colleagues at least three useful things about creativity and innovation.

Interested? Get in touch or read more about my specific services, including workshops, advisory services and keynotes.

"This is one of the best workshops we have ever organised. It is highly intellectual, splendid with extraordinary resources and activism. We really appreciate your remarkable efforts, exemplary cooperation, humble attitude and excellent interaction with our team." - Almajdouie


Novel: The Adventures of Felicity Holmes Novel: The Insane Journey Book: The Way of the Innovation Manager Book: Anticonventional Thinking


I have written a book on designing an innovation process, a book on anticonventional thinking, a science fiction humour novel and a rewriting of Sherlock Holmes.


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Report 103

Report 103 is a twice monthly (or thereabouts) ejournal on creativity, imagination, ideas and innovation that provides articles you can use to boost creativity and innovation at your place of work. To subscribe, just pop your email in the form below and follow the instructions in the confirmation email.



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Creativity & Innovation & Other Articles

If you want to learn about creativity and innovation, this is the place to do it. Discover 100s of articles and papers on every aspect of the innovation process, from imagination to implementing complex innovations. As an added bonus, many articles include a cartoon that may not have you rolling on the floor with laughter, but ought to bring a smile to your face.

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Open Innovation Revisited
Open innovation was all the rage a few years ago, now it seems out of fashion? But is it? Not necessarily says Jeffrey Baumgartner -- Read the article...


No Time for Innovation? Think Again!
Employees claim they have no time for innovation. That's not true. Rather, they do not believe innovation is a true priority. -- Read the article...


How to Make Innovative Change Work For You
Innovation leads to change and people often do not like that. Giving them a stake in the innovation works wonders. -- Read the article...


Four Types of Ideas, Their Values and the IIPI
Categorise ideas to these four types and use the innovation initiative performance indicator (IIPI) to innovate better and measure results. -- Read the article...


If Innovation Is Going Out of Style, Why Innovate
The innovation trend is passing. You've got too much work to do already. Why bother innovating? Allow me to explain. -- Read the article...


Seven Ways to Sell Ideas to Decision Makers
In large organisations, selling innovative ideas to decision makers can be challenging. Here are seven approaches you can use -- Read the article...


Gossip Can Help Your Company Innovate Better
With a bit of creativity and subterfuge, gossip can help your company innovate better by facilitating the introduction of new ideas. -- Read the article...


Ten Crazy Things to Do with Your Company This Month
Innovative companies need to have a culture of creativity. These ten unusual actions can help bring about that culture. -- Read the article...


More creativity & innovation articles...



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Other Projects

Imagination Club

I am the co-founder (with Andy Whittle) of the Imagination Club and actively manages the Brussels Imagination Club, a venue for experimentation in facilitation, training and life-long learning. Visit the web site...

Imagination Video

I am launching, together with Roberta Cacciaglia, Imagination Video a creative video production company. Visit the web site...


I developed and edit AwesomeYou.Be, a self-improvement web site that helps people like you become even more awesome. Visit the web site...


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