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Services for Innovation Leaders

If you are responsible for innovation in your team, business unit or entire organisation and want better results, I can almost certainly help you get those results. Do you want more relavent ideas? Do you wish to see a higher level of creativity in team thinking? Do you dream of implementing more ideas? Are you looking for a meaningful way of measuring results? Would you like an experienced, international and slightly eccentric expert at your beck and call? If you answered yes to any of those questions, I can help. Get in touch.

Over the years, I have helped innovation leaders in a wide range of businesses, governments and non-profits, incuding, PepsiCo, Genentech, the Government of Dubai, Afton Chemical, TE Connectivity, Southeast Water, CitiPower, Powercor, Primedia, Almajdouie, the Algarve region, Philip Morris and many others. We've developed ideas for new products, new packaging, new services, improved efficiency, government promotions and more.

I can almost certainly help you get better results too. But there's only one way to find out. Contact me today for a confidential discussion.


My services include



Jeffrey talking about the creative mind in Johannesburg

What People Have Said About My Work

"Your perspectives are very enlightening... In an ocean of not-so-useful info about innovation, you manage to get the perls on a regular basis." EO (Technology manufacturer)

"Thank You for spreading good words." RT (Artist)

Jeffrey at entrepreneurship summit in Mumbai, India"Thank you for sharing your ideas and insights and good energy with all us creative folks round the world." JS (US state government)

"Always an inspiring newsletter." SL (Executive management Coaching)

"Thanks and keep up the great work."WN (Microelectronics engineering)

"Thank you for your thoughts.  Quite refreshing. I am such a fan of the Report 103." LM (Software company)

"You do absolutely amazing work and provide valuable content as a gift - Thank You." HT (Business strategist)

"I love your newsletter - it is thought provoking and creates a good energy." IM (Innovation facilitator)

"I have printed all your reports for my PhD thesis in innovation and creativity. Amazing work, I really wish to congratulate you for this magnificent effort." RF (PhD student)

"I just got my first copy of your newsletter. Wow! It's wonderful! Very good advice, very helpful. Thank you! One of the few newsletters I get that is worth reading and actually useful, thoughtful and inspired. Thank you!"BB (Publisher)

"Your work is always well done, and thought provoking." HT (Consultant)

Jeffrey Baumgartner leading creativity workshop in Faro, Portugal

Jeffrey in Australia

Workshop in Saudi Arabia


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