Why I've Moved to CreativeJeffrey.Com

After nearly 20 years on jpb.com, I have decided to move my primary web site from www.jpb.com to www.creativejeffrey.com for three reasons.

  1. Sometimes it is good to change things, especially thing that have remained unchanged for too long and for no obvious reason. I am a little bit nervous about giving up a domain I've held and used so long - but I believe that is a good thing.
  2. I feel that creativejeffrey.com will be easier for people to remember. It is also the same as my Twitter name.
  3. I am being offered increasingly large sums of money from people who would like to buy jpb.com. If you would like to buy jpb.com, please follow this link...

Okay, I admit it. The increasingly large sums of money has been the main motivator for moving. Nevertheless,  after giving it a lot of thought, I believe it can also be a good thing for me and my business to change domain name.


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My other web projects

My other web projects

CreativeJeffrey.com: 100s of articles, videos and cartoons on creativity   Jeffosophy.com - possibly useful things I have learned over the years.   Kwerps.com: reflections on international living and travel.   Ungodly.com - paintings, drawings, photographs and cartoons by Jeffrey