Cartoon: hold my calls and cancel my 2:00 meeting. Report 103 has arrived

Report 103

The web's longest running creativity & innovation eJournal  2004-2018

After 14 years of writing Report 103 on a regular basis, I finally decided to stop in early 2018. I have written on almost every aspect of creativity and innovation and feel there is little new that I could add to the subject.

Although there will be no future issues of Report 103, you can access random back issues of Report 103 (see link on left) as well as browse 100s of articles, most of which were first published in Report 103. You can also enjoy my innovation cartoons here.

About Report 103

Report 103 was a weekly eJournal about creativity, imagination, ideas and innovation in business that is read by some 9000 subscribers around the world. Every issue included an informative article or two on business innovation, often including tips and techniques you can use in your place of work.

Report 103 was written for innovation leaders including CEOs, innovation directors, innovation managers, facilitators, consultants and researchers. Articles were based on the latest research and my experiences helping teams to think more creatively and their organisations to be more innovative.

Sample issues

27 Jan 2004 The first ever issue of Report 103.
18 Oct 2005 My friend, Arthur VanGundy (who preferred to be called Andy) contributed a still popular article and download for this issue. Sadly, Andy died 2009.
20 Oct 2009 Aligning innovation to strategy
20 Apr 2011 This is when I first published my concept of anticonventional thinking (ACT) which caused a lot of controversy and still upsets people who do not like change in the field of creativity. ACT has been modified and updated twice since this article was published.
Random issue Click on the link for a random issue from the Report 103 Archives.
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