What People Are Saying About Anticonventional Thinking

What People Are Saying About Anticonventional Thinking

"I have been following Jeffrey's newsletter 103 regularly and am inspired by his refreshing  ideas. This book on ACT brings us to a new dimension in creative thinking. It is a quantum leap from brainstorming (which has outlived its usefulness), resonating us to our 21st century environment." – Dr.YKK (Kam Keong Yew Ph.D), Chief Mind Unzipper, Craetor of the Dolphin Wave Innovation Process  

"Jeffrey Baumgartner presents a novel alternative to brainstorming for generating innovative ideas. His approach focuses on quality rather than on quantity and ensures that the outcome can be implemented. I have successfully applied the approach with numerous clients and can only recommend it to anyone who is seeking to stay ahead of the curve." – Dr. Claude Diderich, Managing Director, Diderich Consulting LLC


"Jeffrey Baumgartner displays a very profound insight in creative thinking. He offers us an easy to apply but powerful alternative for traditional brainstorming. In fact, he redefines creative thinking as just anti-conventional reasoning, a definition that is far more effective for producing breakthrough ideas than merely asking for endless more but mediocre alternatives. Actually, he forbids us being nice for each other, to accept any idea unconditionally and having a good time. In essence, he reverse engineered the thinking people in artistic professions perform when creating something that not existed anywhere before." – Gijs van Beeck Calkoen, coach at Practice for Bold Thinking: creativity and innovative thinking


"Baumgartner has long been willing to question the established assumptions around what actually makes innovation at companies work, such as his development of Anticonventional Thinking as an alternative to brainstorming."

Nick Skillicorn, CEO & Founder of Improvides





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