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Read/download the current, 17 page guide to Anticonventional Thinking (PDF).

Read/download the original, archived 21 page guide to Anticonventional Thinking (PDF).


Anticonventional thinking (ACT) is a new approach to creativity that mimics the way artists, writers, scientists and other creative geniuses think. ACT exploits the way the mind solves problems and enables you to come up with highly creative ideas to any problem.

As its name implies, ACT is about purposefully rejecting conventional ideas in favour of unconventional ideas. But it is not just about generating ideas, it is also about how you frame the issues for which you seek creative ideas, gaining insight, generating ideas and more.

Learn more about how ACT works and the theory behind it in our free 20 page ebooklet on Anticonventional Thinking (PDF document: 760kb).

Or read the introduction to to the ebook here.




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