Interview with Jeffrey Baumgartner (in Portuguese)

Programme: Noticiário Alargado
Interviewed by Mario Antunes
Station: Antena 1
10 Jaunary 2012

In January 2012, Jeffrey Baumgartner went to Faro, Portugal to facilitate creative workshops to facilitate collaboration, between business and academia, with the aim to improve the Algarve region's economy and long term prospects.

While Jeffrey was in Faro, Mario Antunes interviewed him for the national Antena 1 programme Noticiário Alargado. In a brief, but wide ranging talk, Jeffrey and Mario talked about Jeffrey's background, innovation versus vision and ways to boost tourism in the Algarve through innovation.


Jeffrey's Interview only

..or download Jeffrey's interview here


Entire Noticiário Alargado programme

Or ..or download the entire Noticiário Alargado programme here

Note: the entire programme, including the interview is in Portuguese.


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