Get creative with doodles

Doodles are a terrific exercise to help you...

  • think more creatively

  • brainstorm design ideas

  • unlock creative mental block

  • have fun - doodles even make a great party game for kids

Doodles are simple drawings of just a few meaningless lines. You add your own lines - and colour if you like - to create a sketch of anything you like. The point of doodles is not to create art, simply to use your creative vision.

Art Doodles are more sophisticated doodles with colours and textures. They are especially designed for graphic artists to complete with their favourite graphics programme.

Learn more and try out a dozen on-line doodles

I'm good on PhotoShop (or PhotoPaint or whatever), let me try out the art doodles!

Learn more and buy Get Creative with Doodles - a collection of 200 doodles that you can print out and try out again and again. Only US$9.95 (for individual and family version)

Read more about doodles

Buy the Doodles eBook and get 200 Doodles to print out and play with!

Only US$2.95!

Learn more here...


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