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How to Use ACT Questions 

Anticonventional Thinking (ACT) questions is a simple tool to inspire and invoke creative thinking. It is especially useful for inspiring collaborative creative thinking in meetings.

The way it works is simple. Click the start link and you will see a question on the screen. Answer each question by group discussion (you could also do this alone, if you prefer). Someone should probably take notes − there is no provision for writing answers (for now. If there is demand, we will add note-taking functionality). Once you have answered to your satisfaction, click to the next question.

The first ten questions are analytical. This enables you to ensure you understand your creative needs correctly. Then the ACT Questions start. You will be notified when they start.

Many of the ACT questions cannot be answered with a simple, correct answer. Don't worry about that. The value of ACT questions comes from the thinking behind the answers rather than the answers themselves.

Some of the questions will seem very strange and unbusinessy. Thisis intentional. The aim of ACT questions is to get you thinking unconventionally about your situation.

Suggested Approach

If you are doing this as a team, use a projector or a large computer screen so everyone can see the questions. Ensure that everyone is answering the questions or, at least, is contributing to the discussion.

If you are facilitating an ACT Question session and notice some members of the team are keeping quiet, ask them for their thoughts by name. If one or more members are dominating the discussion, occasionally ask them to let others speak.

Laughter and Disagreement

In an ACT Questions session, there will probably be laughter. If so, be happy! This is a good thing. Laughing teams are inevitably creative teams.

There may also be disagreement or even criticism of suggestions. That is also okay. But, if someone's answer is criticised, she, or anyone else on the team, must be given the opportunity to respond to the criticism.

Best Results

In order to get the very best results, have your ACT Questions session outside of your office. Find an unusual and comfortable meeting space away from the distraction of your office. Many co-working spaces have inspiring meeting spaces available for rent.

You are also likely to get better results by using a professional facilitator to manage the meeting. A good creativity facilitator inspires creative thinking and ensures everyone participates. You could, of course, hire me. But many other facilitators are nearly as good as me! ;-)


You can also use ACT questions on your own using a smartphone or computer. If so, I suggest you keep notes on your responses and any inspirations that result.


I would value your feedback on ACT Questions. Please share your thoughts, experiences and suggestions with me.

Terms of Use

By using this tool, you agree to the terms of use, which are super simple.

You are absolutely free to use this with your own team and/or with clients. You are not permitted to make a copy of the tools or parts of the tool (such as a list of ACT questions) to use with your own team and/or clients.

Got it? Great!

Go to the questions!

Go to the questions!


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