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Report 103

Your newsletter on applied creativity, imagination, ideas and innovation in business.

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Wednesday 20 November 2013
Issue 242

Hello and welcome to another issue of Report 103, your twice-monthly (or thereabouts) newsletter on creativity, imagination, ideas and innovation in business.

As always, if you have news about creativity, imagination, ideas, or innovation please feel free to forward it to me for potential inclusion in Report103. Your comments and feedback are also always welcome.

Information on unsubscribing, archives, reprinting articles, etc can be found at the end of this newsletter.



In this issue of Report 103

  1. Cosmic Creativity Project Continued
  2. Cosmic Creativity Part 4 has moved


Cosmic Creativity Project Continued

You can read the previous Cosmic Creativity chapters here

Over the past few issues of Report 103, I have been serialising my next book, Cosmic Creativity. If you have not been following the serialisation, you can catch up here.

In the previous issue of this Report 103, I wrote about three characters who exist in your mind and facilitate -- or, more often, inhibit -- creative thought. The creative spider weaves webs that connect notions stored away in your mind (in the same way a search engine uses a spider to follow connections and map the web). However the creative spider all too often restricts the breadth of its web to connecting only notions related to the situation at hand.

Your mental bureaucrat reviews all ideas before letting them go further. Like most bureaucrats, yours is concerned about proper processes and protecting your reputation and so discourages you from saying or doing things that might embarrass you, such as sharing crazy (and possibly stupid) ideas with colleagues. However, you can bribe your bureaucrat to do the opposite: reject boring ideas and allow crazy ideas.

Finally, a creative provocateur lurks in your brain. Usually, the provocateur supports the bureauctrat by scaring you with the potential consequences of sharing possibly stupid ideas around people whom you would prefer to respect you. But you can train your provocateur to provoke your spider to think more creatively. More on these characters can be found here.


Cosmic Creativity Part 4

I have moved the Cosmic Creativity book project here and you can read Part 4 here.

This should make it easier for you to read the developing book and enables me to update the text and images in one central location.



Your Cosmic Creativity & Anticonventional Thinking Workshop/Talk

I have been doing creativity workshops for years. I have spent the past two years doing anticonventional thinking (ACT) workshops globally. Those workshops have been successful and fun. But they have been nowhere near as powerful and as effective as my Cosmic Creativity workshops. In my cosmic creativity workshops, I actually put participants in a meditative state and inspire them to view transcendental situations from multiple perspectives and dimensions. Then I show participants how to use their creative spiders, mental bureaucrats and provocateurs. The result is profound. Senior managers as well as middle managers tell me how this has enabled them to see their situations in new ways, how it has given them inspiration.

Often, people contact me in the days following their workshops to tell me that they see their situations differently and their minds are fuller with more creative ideas.

This is the power of cosmic creativity. Just last week I did a cosmic creativity workshop for Almajdouie, a leading Saudi Arabian firm. The organising team said of the workshops, "This is one of the best workshops we ever organized in Almajdouie Group. It is highly intellectual, splendid with extra ordinary resources & activism. We really value your remarkable efforts, exemplary cooperation, humble attitude & excellent interaction with our team."

Imagine what cosmic creativity could do for your team!

If you need to push your people to the next level of creativity, cosmic creativity may be the answer. Get in touch to discuss your situation. You can reply to this newsletter or follow this link for more detailed contact information.


The Silly Alternative

Is Report 103 too serious for you? If so, take a look at The Baumgartner Report, an irreverent and humour newsletter that combines the worst features of a blog, a newsletter and a twisted sense of humour!



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You can find this and every issue of Report 103 ever written at our archives.

Happy thinking!

Jeffrey Baumgartner


Report 103 is a complimentary eJournal from Bwiti bvba of Belgium (a company: Archives and subscription information can be found at

Report 103 is edited by Jeffrey Baumgartner and is published on a monthly basis.

You may forward this copy of Report 103 to anyone, provided you forward it in its entirety and do not edit it in any way. If you wish to reprint only a part of Report 103, please contact Jeffrey Baumgartner.

Contributions and press releases are welcome. Please contact Jeffrey in the first instance.




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