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Report 103

Your newsletter on applied creativity, imagination, ideas and innovation in business.

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Wednesday 26 March 2014
Issue 251

Hello and welcome to another issue of Report 103, your twice-monthly (or thereabouts) newsletter on creativity, imagination, ideas and innovation in business.

As always, if you have news about creativity, imagination, ideas, or innovation please feel free to forward it to me for potential inclusion in Report103. Your comments and feedback are also always welcome.

Information on unsubscribing, archives, reprinting articles, etc can be found at the end of this newsletter.


Woman on cliff edge, thinking

Conventional Is Too Conventional

This article has been moved to the Creativity Archives.


Anticonventional Thinking and Inner Mind Creativity

I have decided to incorporate aspects of inner-mind creativity (also known as cosmic creativity) into anticonventional thinking (ACT) in order to provide one, integrated and powerful approach to creative thinking.

This brings to ACT the power of meditation, a new model for visualising your own mind and new ways of discovering and using unexpected insights.

If you are a regular reader of Report 103, you will know that I have been working on a book on inner-mind creativity and have published chapters of that book here in Report 103 as well as in the Creativity Archives on These chapters will be edited and incorporated into a book on ACT to be published later this year.

Growing Popularity

I have been delighted to discover that a growing number of facilitators and trainers are using ACT in their workshops and ideation events -- and, apparently, with great success.

Benefit from ACT

ACT is a great way to:

Would you like to learn how to use ACT in your organisation? If so, get in touch! You can contact me here or reply to this eJournal.


Creative Communications (adv)

Do you like my style of writing and/or speaking? Do you need someone to communicate on behalf of your innovative organisation or to write about your organisation's innovations? If so, get in touch! I love writing, speaking and running workshops and I am always up to new challenges!

Learn more about my services here, contact me here or reply to this newsletter to discuss your needs or telephone +32 2 305 6591 (Belgium) and let's talk!



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You can find this and every issue of Report 103 ever written at our archives.

Happy thinking!

Jeffrey Baumgartner


Report 103 is a complimentary eJournal from Bwiti bvba of Belgium (a company: Archives and subscription information can be found at

Report 103 is edited by Jeffrey Baumgartner and is published on a monthly basis.

You may forward this copy of Report 103 to anyone, provided you forward it in its entirety and do not edit it in any way. If you wish to reprint only a part of Report 103, please contact me.

Contributions and press releases are welcome. Please contact Jeffrey in the first instance.




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