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Jeffrey speaking at TEDxULB in Brussels

Entertaining, Informative and Inspiring Keynotes

Do you want to provide the audience of your next event with a creative boost? Do you want them to learn how to innovate better? Do you want a speaker that can make your audience think and laugh? If so, get in touch.

I have spoken at companies, governments and events around the world. My talks have included Anticonventional Thinking, Cosmic Creativity, Deadly Assumptions, the Dark Side of Creativity, Creative Lies, The Myths of Creativity, Open Innovation, Strategic Vision and Innovation and more. Check out my articles for inspiration.

My talks are illustrated with cartoons like the ones on this web site.

I would love to speak at your next event.

 Click here to send a message or call me.



“An energetic & stimulating speech on the future of creative idea generation!!” – TEDxULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles)

"The morning after your talk, I woke up with a head full of ideas about how to solve a problem that had been bugging me for ages." – EU official

"The one hour talk introduced a completely new way of problem solving." – Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mumbai


Jeffrey Baumgartner speaking at Johannesburg innovation conference Jeffrey Baumgartner speaking

Speaking at Ideas After Dark in NSW Australia


Jeffrey speaking about innovation and intellectual property






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