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Defining a Unique Strategic Vision for Your Organization

If your company is not succeeding with innovation, maybe the problem is not about innovation. Maybe it is about the lack of a unique strategic vision that is communicated to employees, customers, business partners and stakeholders.

If you look at companies universally considered to be super-innovators, companies like Apple, Amazon, Google, Tesla and others you will notice that they do not talk a lot about innovation. You seldom see the word on their web sites. They do not have 'innovation managers' running around their offices. Instead, each of these companies has a unique strategic vision. Managers and employees strive to pursue that vision. Innovation is merely a tool to help get them there. (read more about the importance of strategic vision here)

What is your company's strategic vision? Is it unique? Does it make you stand out against the competition? Do your employees understand the vision? Do your customers? Is you innovation aligned with vision?

If you answered 'no' or 'I don't know' to at least some of those questions, then your innovation problem is almost certainly a lack of clarity of strategic vision rather than a lack of innovation capability. But do not despair. It is very much a solvable problem.

I would be delighted to facilitate a series of workshops with a few of your managers as well as other stakeholders (if you wish) in which we can define and clarify a unique strategic vision for your organisation and then develop a basic communication plan to ensure the world also gets that vision.

Having a unique and well communicated strategic vision is not only great for innovation, but it also facilitates effective marketing communications, building better relationships with partners and standing out from competitors who limp along with drab, forgetful strategic visions like 'the best products at the best prices'.

Want to know more? Let's talk! Follow this link to get in touch with me directly.

Or, if you prefer, you can read more about the importance of strategic vision to innovation here.


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