Jeffrey leading workshop at Brussels Imagination Club

Creativety and Innovation Workshops, Seminars and Masterclasses 

Get more and better results from your innovation initiative

In order for your organisation to innovate better, your colleagues need to be able to devise more creative ideas, develop them into viable innovation projects, sell them to decision makers, and implement them successfully. If your initiative is weak at any of these points, you simply will not get the level of results you and I know you are capable of.

My workshops are ideal for strengthening those week links so that you get better results.

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What People Are Saying About My Work

"Your perspectives are very enlightening... In an ocean of not-so-useful info about innovation, you manage to get the perls on a regular basis."

"An energetic & stimulating speech on the future of creative idea generation!!"
Organisers of TEDxULB

"This is one of the best workshops we have ever organised. It is highly intellectual, splendid with extraordinary resources and activism. We really appreciate your remarkable efforts, exemplary cooperation, humble attitude and excellent interaction with our team."
A Saudi Arabian Conglomerate

"I could not be more pleased with the final result. In spite of the fact that the workshop participants were people who, I think, would never try to participate in an event devoted to creativity - company and university top managers - Jeffrey made them enjoy creative thinking and produce a result that, if implemented, will give origin to many improvements in the Algarve region."
Portuguese Association for
Creativity and Innovation

"When I walked in the room and saw the projector, I thought 'oh no, another boring presentation from [top five consultancy firm]!' I was delighted that in fact it was an interactive workshop where we actually applied anticonventional thinking. Very refreshing"
Philip Morris International

"Thank you for sharing your ideas and insights and good energy with all us creative folks round the world."
Washington State Government

"I woke up the next morning just bursting with ideas!"
The European Commission

In addition to the above, I have also worked with the Government of Dubai, the Algarve region of Portugal, the European Commission, Indian Institute of Technology, TE Connectivity, Afton Chemicals, Genentech, Frito-Lay, Sirris, Dexia Bank, Transearch, Southeast Water, Eyes & Ears of Europe; and have spoken at conferences including the World Innovation Convention, eSummit Mumbai, South African Innovation Summit, European Conference on Creativity and Innovation, TEDx and the Brussels Imagination Club (which I co-founded).

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Audience at Algarvia Workshop          Jeffrey Baumgartner introduicing his workshop  and the Algarvia concept


Jeffrey Baumgartner speaking about open innovation at South Africa Innovation Summit

Jeffrey Baumgartner at TEDx

Creativity workshop at Almajdouie, in Dammam, Saudi Arabia

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