Design & Achieve Your Goals with Creative Thinking

Step 1: The Introduction

Do you ever find yourself vaguely dissatisfied with the way your life is going? Do you feel that you have not got clear goals for the future or, if you have, that you are not achieving them? Do you find that self-help books and blogs provide step-by-step instructions that solve someone else's problems rather than your own? Do you feel that your needs are unique and different to other people's?

If so, you are correct! You are an incredible and unique person with special skills, knowledge and experience. Unfortunately, many books and blogs about achieving goals focus on a generic step-by-step process that is fine for generic people, but not someone incredible like you!

That's why I've put together a Designer Goals method you can use to define your goals, develop realistic plans for making them happen and then make them happen!

What makes this approach different to other approaches is that it uses proven creative thinking techniques to help you define your unique designer goals, rather than generic goals.

I will publish the 12 step Designer Goals process over the next few days. Here are the steps we will do together.

  1. Introduction (This page!)
  2. Acknowledge personal responsibility.
  3. Define your goal or ambition.
  4. Question your goal.
  5. Reframe your goal.
  6. Imagine achieving your goal.
  7. Identify subgoals you need to take to live that dream.
  8. Build ideas for achieving subgoals.
  9. Putting it all together
  10. Build to-do and don’t-do lists
  11. Using your imagination
  12. Get started!

Be aware, achieving your designer goals is not easy. It requires determination and effort on your part. But, my method will turn the challenging problem of achieving your designer goal into a series of very manageable steps -- also designed by you!

Read Step 2: Acknowledge Personal Responsibility here...


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