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Cartoon: Unmarketing the Competition

Unmarketing the Competition
A look at creative, but unethical dirty trick marketing campaigns designed to damage the competition -- Read the article...


Cartoon: Imaginativefulness and the Fisherman

Imaginativefulness and the Fisherman
What does a fisherman wearing a cycling helmet have to do with imaginativefulness? Quite a lot, it seems. -- Read the article...


Cartoon: Actually, Criticising Ideas Is Good for Creativity

Actually, Criticising Ideas Is Good for Creativity
People have long assumed criticising ideas in a brainstorm inhibits creativity. Research and experience shows that is wrong -- Read the article...


Cartoon: imaginativefulness.php

Imaginativefulness is a state of heightened imagination in which your mind allows thoughts, memories and ideas to play with each other freely. -- Read the article...


Cartoon: Alternative Uses for Your Products

Why and How to Exploit Alternative Uses for Your Products
Discovering new ways customers use, misuse and could use your products can inspire innovation. Jeffrey Baumgartner explains. -- Read the article...


Cartoon: The Cost of Not Innovating

The Cost of Not Innovating
If your company fails to innovate, you pay a steep price in terms of loss of leadershop, tight margins, missed opportunities and more. -- Read the article...


Cartoon: Don

Don't Trust the Status Quo
Jeffrey Baumgartner has never trusted the status quo. He explains why this is so and why you should also not trust the status quo -- Read the article...


Cartoon: In Innovation, Good Enough Is Good Enough

In Innovation, Good Enough Is Good Enough
Corporate people tend to perfect ideas before launching them. Entrepreneurs launch when their ideas are good enough and marketable. -- Read the article...


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Other Projects

Imagination Club

I am the co-founder (with Andy Whittle) of the Imagination Club and actively manages the Brussels Imagination Club, a venue for experimentation in facilitation, training and life-long learning. Visit the web site...

Imagination Video

I am launching, together with Roberta Cacciaglia, Imagination Video a creative video production company. Visit the web site...


I developed and edit AwesomeYou.Be, a self-improvement web site that helps people like you become even more awesome. Visit the web site...



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